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Design and rationale for examining neuroimaging genetics in ischemic stroke The MRI-GENIE study

Anne-Katrin Giese, Markus D Schirmer, Kathleen L Donahue, Lisa Cloonan, Robert Irie, Stefan Winzeck, Mark JRJ Bouts, Elissa C McIntosh, Steven J Mocking, Adrian V Dalca, Ramesh Sridharan, Huichun Xu, Petrea Frid, Eva Giralt-Steinhauer, Lukas Holmegaard, Jaume Roquer, Johan Wasselius, John W Cole, Patrick F McArdle, Joseph P Broderick Show all

Neurology Genetics | LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS | Published : 2017


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NIH-NINDS (MRI-GENIE: R01NS086905-PI N.S. Rost; K23NS064052, R01NS082285-N.S. Rost; SiGN: U01 NS069208-J. Rosand and S.J. Kittner; and R01NS059775, R01NS063925, R01NS082285, P50NS051343, R01NS086905, and U01 NS069208-O. Wu), NIH NIBIB (P41EB015902-P. Golland; U01NS030678-B.M. Kissela and D.O. Kleindorfer; and EB015325-O. Wu), Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation, the Swedish Stroke Association-A. Lindgren, Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation-C. Jern, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Funding for Research in Health [PI051737], [PI10/02064], [PI12/01238], and [PI15/00451-J. Jimenez-Conde]), Fondos FEDER/EDRF Red de Enfermedades Vasculares Cerebrales (RD16/0019/0002-J. Roquer), Fundacio la Marato TV3 (76/C/2011-J. Jimenez-Conde) and Recercaixa'13 (JJ086116-J. Jimenez-Conde), Wistron Corporation (P. Golland).