Book Chapter

Teacher commitment in Northwest China: A comparative study of Han and Uighur teachers

X Huang, JCK Lee, Z Zhang, J Wang

Educational Development in Western China: Towards Quality and Equity | Published : 2016


Among all common work-related attitudes, commitment has elicited the most interest from researchers because of the belief that highly committed employees are more likely to generate organizational and individual level outcomes (Razak, Darmawan, & Keeves, 2010). In educational and school settings, highly committed teachers are more willing to assume responsibility to improve their curriculum and quality of instruction (Tsui & Cheng, 1999). In the western context, Darling Hammond (2000) highlights the importance of the qualities of teacher and teaching. In the rural northwest part of China where this study was conducted, Adams (2012, p. 2) remarked that “Students who are taught by teachers who..

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