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Recent advances in the chemistry of "clusters" and coordination polymers of alkali, alkaline earth metal and group 11 compounds

KM Fromm, ED Gueneau, AY Robin, W Maudez, J Sague, R Bergougnant

Zeitschrift fur Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie | Published : 2005


This contribution gives an overview on the different subjects treated in our group. One of our fundamental interests lies in the synthesis and study of low-dimensional polymer and molecular solid state structures. We have chosen several synthetic approaches in order to obtain such compounds. Firstly, the concept of cutting out structural fragments from a solid state structure of a binary compound will be explained on behalf of BaI2. Oxygen donor ligands, used as chemical scissors on BaI2, allow obtaining three-, two-, one- and zero-dimensional derived compounds depending on their size and concentration. Thus, a structural genealogy tree for BaI2 can be established. This method, transferred t..

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