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Emissions of trace gases from Australian temperate forest fires: emission factors and dependence on modified combustion efficiency

Elise-Andrée Guérette, Clare Paton-Walsh, Maximilien Desservettaz, Thomas EL Smith, Liubov Volkova, Christopher J Weston, CP Meyer

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics | Copernicus Publications | Published : 2018


Abstract. We characterised trace gas emissions from Australian temperate forest fires through a mixture of in situ open-path FTIR measurements spectroscopy and selective ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) and White cell FTIR spectroscopy of grab samples. We report emission factors for a total of 25 trace gas species measured in smoke from nine prescribed fires. We find significant dependence on modified combustion efficiency (MCE) for some species, although regional differences indicate that the use of MCE as a proxy may be limited. We also find that the fire-integrated MCE values derived from our in situ on-the-ground open-path measurements are not significantly different from those ..

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