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Dietary manipulation of muscle long-chain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and sensory properties of lamb meat.

EN Ponnampalam, AJ Sinclair, AR Egan, GR Ferrier, BJ Leury

Meat science | Published : 2002


The effects of dietary manipulation of muscle long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (FA) on sensory properties of cooked meat in second cross ([Merino x Border Leicester] x Poll Dorset) wether lambs were evaluated. Lambs fed dietary supplements of fish meal (FM, Exp. 1) and fish oil (FO, Exp. 2) showed moderately (P < 0.01) and markedly (P < 0.001) increased muscle long-chain omega-3 FA content compared with those fed the basal diet of lucerne chaff and oat chaff. Protected canola seed (PCS, Exp. 1) significantly (P < 0.001) increased omega-6 FA content of the longissimus muscle. In each of the 2 experiments (1 and 2), after being fed experimental diets for 6 weeks lambs were slaughtered at a comme..

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