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Adaptation of AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators for Use in ICD-10 Administrative Data by an International Consortium

Hude Quan, Saskia Drösler, Vijaya Sundararajan, Eugene Wen, Bernard Burnand, Chantal Marie Couris, Patricia Halfon, Jean-Marie Januel, Edward Kelley, Niek Klazinga, Jean-Christophe Luthi, Lori Moskal, Eric Pradat, Patrick S Romano, Jennie Shepheard, Lawrence So, Lalitha Sundaresan, Linda Tournay-Lewis, Béatrice Trombert-Paviot, Greg Webster Show all

Published : 2011


Objective: The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) developed Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs) for use with ICD-9-CM data. Many countries have adopted ICD-10 for coding hospital diagnoses. We conducted this study to develop an internationally harmonized ICD-10 coding algorithm for the AHRQ PSIs. Methods: The AHRQ PSI Version 2.1 has been translated into ICD-10-AM (Australian Modification), and PSI Version 3.0a has been independently translated into ICD-10-GM (German Modification). We converted these two country-specific coding algorithms into ICD-10-WHO (World Health Organization version) and combined them to form one master list. Members of an international expert panel—includi..

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