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MIACA – Minimum Information About a Cellular Assay: Standardized description of cell-based functional assay projects

S Wiemann, A Mehrle, F Hahne, H Hermjakob, R Apweiler, D Arlt, S Bechtel, W Bielke, A Birmingham, Q Smith, P Bork, F Buchholz, X Cai, E Camon, P Carninci, SK Chanda, Z Chen, M Cusick, C Echeverri, J Eils Show all

Published : 2013


Recent advances and developments in genomics and functional genomics have enabled large scale analysis of gene and protein function by means of high throughput cell biology analysis. Cells are often perturbed in vitro and induced effects are recorded and analyzed. Perturbations can be triggered in several ways, for instance with molecules (siRNA, expression construct, small chemical compound,...) or with other stresses cells are subjected to (temperature shift, serum starvation, ...). The cellular responses to such perturbations are analyzed in order to identify players in the biological processes addressed and to understand biological principles. Often such analyses are carried out in high..

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