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Presence of HSV-1 DNA in semen and menstrual blood.

N El Borai, C LeFèvre, M Inoue, EN Naumova, K Sato, S Suzuki, K Tsuji, M Yamamura

J Reprod Immunol | Published : 1998


Using a specifically designed diagnostic PCR assay with nested primers the following could be achieved: (1) a group of 22 clinically indistinguishable women attending an infertility clinic, 18 with repeated embryo transfer failure, and asymptomatic for HSV-1 could be divided into two subgroups after testing their menstrual blood. An HSV-DNA positive (50%) and HSV-DNA negative group (50%) could be distinguished. None of the four controls were positive; (2) semen from 154 infertile and 24 fertile men was tested in relation to infertility. In the group of infertile men 37 (24%) were HSV-DNA positive but none of the fertile control (0%) was positive; (3) treatment of both partners with an antivi..

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