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Cluster-Glass Phase in Pyrochlore XY Antiferromagnets with Quenched Disorder

Eric C Andrade, Jose A Hoyos, Stephan Rachel, Matthias Vojta



We study the impact of quenched disorder (random exchange couplings or site dilution) on easy-plane pyrochlore antiferromagnets. In the clean system, order by disorder selects a magnetically ordered state from a classically degenerate manifold. In the presence of randomness, however, different orders can be chosen locally depending on details of the disorder configuration. Using a combination of analytical considerations and classical Monte Carlo simulations, we argue that any long-range-ordered magnetic state is destroyed beyond a critical level of randomness where the system breaks into magnetic domains due to random exchange anisotropies, becoming, therefore, a glass of spin clusters, in ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge instructive discussions with B. Gaulin, H.-H. Klauss, K. Ross, R. Sarkar, and M. Zhitomirsky. E. C. A. was supported by FAPESP (Brazil) Grant No. 2013/00681-8 and CNPq (Brazil) Grant No. 302065/2016-4. J. A. H. was supported by CNPq Grant No. 307548/2015-5 and FAPESP Grants No. 2015/23849-7 and No. 2016/10826-1. S. R. and M. V. were supported by DFG SFB 1143.