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C-fos can be induced in the neonatal rat spinal cord by both noxious and innocuous peripheral stimulation

E Jennings, M Fitzgerald

PAIN | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 1996


The development of spinal cord nociceptive pathways has been investigated in neonatal rat pups using the expression of Fos immunoreactivity in laminae I and II cells produced by high and low intensity skin stimulation. Noxious pinch of the hindpaw evoked a clear response in the newborn rat pup, which was not significantly different from that seen at postnatal day (P) 21. Low intensity touch stimulation also produced a significant fos response in laminae I and II cells at P3 which was 60% that of the pinch response. This was reduced to 27% of the pinch response by P10 and was gone by P21. Electrical stimulation through percutaneous electrodes showed that A beta fibre stimulation also produced..

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