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The cytotoxic lymphocyte protease, granzyme B, targets the cytoskeleton and perturbs microtubule polymerization dynamics.

Colin Adrain, Patrick J Duriez, Gabriela Brumatti, Petrina Delivani, Seamus J Martin

Journal of Biological Chemistry | Published : 2006


Granzyme B, a serine protease derived from cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) and Natural Killer (NK) cell granules, plays an important role in coordinating apoptosis of CTL and NK target cells. Here, we report that granzyme B targets the cytoskeleton by cleaving and removing the acidic C-terminal tail of alpha-tubulin. Consistent with this, Granzyme B markedly enhanced rates of microtubule polymerization in vitro, most likely by removal of an autoinhibitory domain within the tubulin C terminus. Moreover, delivery of Granzyme B into HeLa target cells promoted dramatic reorganization of the microtubule network in a caspase-independent manner. These data reveal that granzyme B directly attacks a maj..

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