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Molecular phylogeny and dating of Asteliaceae (Asparagales): Astelia s.l. evolution provides insight into the Oligocene history of New Zealand.

Joanne L Birch, Sterling C Keeley, Clifford W Morden

Mol Phylogenet Evol | Elsevier BV | Published : 2012


Asteliaceae (4 genera, 36 species) are found on both continents and island archipelagos in the southern hemisphere and across the Pacific. The circumscription of Asteliaceae and intrageneric relationships are poorly understood. We generated a phylogeny including all genera and 99% of the species using DNA sequence data from chloroplast (trnL, psbA-trnH, rps16, and petL-psbE) and nuclear (NIA-i3) regions. Relaxed clock methods were applied to infer the age of the family and the timing of cladogenic events. Generic delimitations change as a result of this study. Collospermum is nested within Astelia and is recognized here only at the subgeneric level. Further, Astelia subgenera Astelia, Asteli..

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