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Relevance of breast cancer hormone receptors and other factors to the efficacy of adjuvant tamoxifen: patient-level meta-analysis of randomised trials.

undefined Early Breast Cancer Trialists' Collaborative Group (EBCTCG), C Davies, J Godwin, R Gray, M Clarke, D Cutter, S Darby, P McGale, HC Pan, C Taylor, YC Wang, M Dowsett, J Ingle, R Peto

Lancet | Published : 2011


BACKGROUND: As trials of 5 years of tamoxifen in early breast cancer mature, the relevance of hormone receptor measurements (and other patient characteristics) to long-term outcome can be assessed increasingly reliably. We report updated meta-analyses of the trials of 5 years of adjuvant tamoxifen. METHODS: We undertook a collaborative meta-analysis of individual patient data from 20 trials (n=21,457) in early breast cancer of about 5 years of tamoxifen versus no adjuvant tamoxifen, with about 80% compliance. Recurrence and death rate ratios (RRs) were from log-rank analyses by allocated treatment. FINDINGS: In oestrogen receptor (ER)-positive disease (n=10,645), allocation to about 5 years ..

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