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Identification of T cell-restricted genes, and signatures for different T cell responses, using a comprehensive collection of microarray datasets.

Tatyana Chtanova, Rebecca Newton, Sue M Liu, Lilach Weininger, Timothy R Young, Diego G Silva, Francesco Bertoni, Andrea Rinaldi, Stephane Chappaz, Federica Sallusto, Michael S Rolph, Charles R Mackay

J Immunol | Published : 2005


We used a comprehensive collection of Affymetrix microarray datasets to ascertain which genes or molecules distinguish the known major subsets of human T cells. Our strategy allowed us to identify the genes expressed in most T cell subsets: TCR alphabeta+ and gammadelta+, three effector subsets (Th1, Th2, and T follicular helper cells), T central memory, T effector memory, activated T cells, and others. Our genechip dataset also allowed for identification of genes preferentially or exclusively expressed by T cells, compared with numerous non-T cell leukocyte subsets profiled. Cross-comparisons between microarray datasets revealed important features of certain subsets. For instance, blood gam..

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