Journal article

[New developments in psychiatry].

Philippe Conus, Alessandra Solida, Jérôme Favrod, Alexandra Nguyen, Sabrina Bardy, Shyhrete Rexhaj, Pascale Ferrari, Danièle Spagnoli, Charles Bonsack

Rev Med Suisse | Published : 2015


In this review of recent therapeutic developments in psychiatry, we will report on three domains where new strategies have been proposed. First we will discuss the concept of neuroprotection in patients at "ultra high risk" to develop psychosis and the encouraging results of a randomised controlled trial comparing the effect of placebo and fish oil. We will then present the impact of metacognition programs which aim at adding some flexibility to thought processes used by patients with psychosis in order to reduce psychotic symptoms. We finally will report on a program of supported employment which was developed in order to help patients find an active place in society.