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Surface Feature-Guided Mapping of Cerebral Metabolic Changes in Cognitively Normal and Mildly Impaired Elderly

Liana G Apostolova, Paul M Thompson, Steve A Rogers, Ivo D Dinov, Charleen Zoumalan, Calen A Steiner, Erin Siu, Amity E Green, Gary W Small, Arthur W Toga, Jeffrey L Cummings, Michael E Phelps, Daniel H Silverman

Molecular Imaging and Biology | SPRINGER | Published : 2010


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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was generously supported by NIA K23 AG026803 ( jointly sponsored by NIA, AFAR, The John A. Hartford Foundation, the Atlantic Philanthropies, the Starr Foundation, and an anonymous donor; to LGA), NIA P50 AG16570 ( to JLC, LGA and PMT); NIBIB EB01651, NLM LM05639, NCRR RR019771 ( to PMT); NIH/NIMH R01 MH071940, NIH/NCRR P41 RR013642 and NIH U54 RR021813 ( to AWT and PMT); NIH PO1-AG024831, AG 13308, P50 AG16570, MH/AG58156, MH52453, AG10123, MO1-RR00865 ( to GWS), the Department of Energy (DOE contract DE-FC03-87-ER60615), General Clinical Research Centers Program, the Rotary CART Fund; the Alzheimer's Association; the Fran and Ray Stark Foundation Fund for Alzheimer's Disease Research; the Ahmanson Foundation; the Larry L. Hillblom Foundation; the Lovelace Foundation, the Judith Olenick Elgart Fund for Research on Brain Aging, the John D. French Foundation for Alzheimer's Research, and the Tamkin Foundation (to GWS).