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High b-value diffusion-weighted imaging: A sensitive method to reveal white matter differences in schizophrenia

Philipp Sebastian Baumann, Leila Cammoun, Philippe Conus, Kim Quang Do, Pierre Marquet, Djalel Meskaldji, Reto Meuli, Jean-Philippe Thiran, Patric Hagmann



Over the last 10 years, diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) has become an important tool to investigate white matter (WM) anomalies in schizophrenia. Despite technological improvement and the exponential use of this technique, discrepancies remain and little is known about optimal parameters to apply for diffusion weighting during image acquisition. Specifically, high b-value diffusion-weighted imaging known to be more sensitive to slow diffusion is not widely used, even though subtle myelin alterations as thought to happen in schizophrenia are likely to affect slow-diffusing protons. Schizophrenia patients and healthy controls were scanned with a high b-value (4000 s/mm(2)) protocol. Apparent ..

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Awarded by Swiss National Science Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank all patients and controls for their participation; Prof. Pierre Bovet and Prof. Pierre Magistretti for their support; and Alessandra Griffa for her helpful comments. This work was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation 320000-122419/1 and 320030-130090, the Department of Psychiatry of CHUV, the Department of Radiology of CHUV-UNIL and the Loterie Romande. Prof. Philippe Conus and Dr Patric Hagmann are supported by a grant from the Leenaards Foundation, Switzerland. We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments and suggestions to improve the work.