Journal article

[The "SYNAPSY" project: where psychiatrists and neuroscientists meet].

Philippe Conus, Martin Preisig, Jean-Michel Aubry, Pierre Marquet, Alain Malafosse, Alexandre Dayer, Philipp Baumann

Revue Médicale Suisse | Published : 2011


The National Center of Competence in Research project "SYNAPSY" aims at identifying certain mechanisms of psychiatric and cognitive disorders, in order to improve the understanding and the genesis of such pathologies, and to promote the development of better diagnostic tools and of new therapeutic approaches. It provides an excellent opportunity for clinical psychiatrists and neuroscientists to develop a synergic mode of collaboration. On the basis of questions stemming from clinical practice and in the frame of patients cohorts, various research projects in neuroscience should lead to progresses that may have a considerable impact on clinical practice.