Conference Proceedings

Digital Reproducibility Requirements of Computational Genomic Workflows

Sehrish Kanwal, Andrew Lonie, Richard O Sinnott, XH Hu (ed.), CR Shyu (ed.), Y Bromberg (ed.), J Gao (ed.), Y Gong (ed.), D Korkin (ed.), I Yoo (ed.), JH Zheng (ed.)

2017 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) | IEEE | Published : 2017


With the rapidly increasing reliance of life sciences research on digital data and sophisticated computational analysis techniques, the ability to reproduce findings generated by insilico data analysis workflows is of increasing importance to the scientific community. However, challenges to reproducibility arise from the heterogeneity of approaches available to workflow definition and enactment. In this work, we explore the requirements of 'digital reproducibility' of genomic data analysis by implementing a complex but extensively used bioinformatics workflow using three widely adopted approaches that differ markedly in their implementation. We use these case studies to identify implicit and..

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