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Class C ARFs evolved before the origin of land plants and antagonize differentiation and developmental transitions in Marchantia polymorpha

Eduardo Flores-Sandoval, D Magnus Eklund, Syuan-Fei Hong, John P Alvarez, Tom J Fisher, Edwin R Lampugnani, John F Golz, Alejandra Vazquez-Lobo, Tom Dierschke, Shih-Shun Lin, John L Bowman

NEW PHYTOLOGIST | WILEY | Published : 2018


A plethora of developmental and physiological processes in land plants is influenced by auxin, to a large extent via alterations in gene expression by AUXIN RESPONSE FACTORs (ARFs). The canonical auxin transcriptional response system is a land plant innovation, however, charophycean algae possess orthologues of at least some classes of ARF and AUXIN/INDOLE-3-ACETIC ACID (AUX/IAA) genes, suggesting that elements of the canonical land plant system existed in an ancestral alga. We reconstructed the phylogenetic relationships between streptophyte ARF and AUX/IAA genes and functionally characterized the solitary class C ARF, MpARF3, in Marchantia polymorpha. Phylogenetic analyses indicate that mu..

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