Conference Proceedings

Yes/No interrogative intonation of Satipo Ashaninka (Kampa Arawak) of Peru

E Mihas, O Maxwell

Proceedings of the International Conference on Speech Prosody | International Speech Communication Association | Published : 2018


The paper presents a pioneering analysis of the yes/no interrogative intonation of Satipo Ashaninka, a highly synthetic Kampa Arawak language spoken by approximately 10, 000 people in the Satipo Province of Peru. The study demonstrates the diversity of the Satipo Ashaninka interrogative intonation types, most of which are combined with the language’s morphosyntactic resources. Yes/no interrogative intonation types comprise low and high right edge boundary tones. The results confirm the findings of other studies across synthetic indigenous languages by providing evidence that yes/no interrogative intonation does not necessarily have a rising pitch contour.

University of Melbourne Researchers