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A new approach to reconstructing the composition and evolution of kimberlite melts: A case study of the archetypal Bultfontein kimberlite (Kimberley, South Africa)

Ashton Soltys, Andrea Giuliani, David Phillips



The compositions of kimberlite melts at depth and upon emplacement in the upper crust remain elusive. This can be attributed to the unquantified effects of multiple processes, such as alteration, assimilation, xenocryst contamination, and fractional crystallisation. The inability to accurately constrain the composition and physical properties of kimberlite melts prevents a comprehensive understanding of their petrogenesis. To improve constraints on the compositions of kimberlite melts, we have combined modal analysis including the discrimination of xenocrystic from magmatic phases, with mineral chemistry determinations to reconstruct a whole-rock composition. We apply this approach to a samp..

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Awarded by Australia Research Council DECRA award

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Kelly Russell, Barbara Scott Smith, Tom Nowicki and Kimberley Webb as well as members and advisors of the KiDs research group for insightful discussions and feedback. In addition, we are grateful to Kelly Russell for providing a spreadsheet for the calculation of melt fraction values and CO<INF>2</INF> loss. AS also thanks Angus Fitzpayne for advice on the application of partition coefficients. The authors thank Yves Moussallam, Maya Kopylova, and an anonymous reviewer for their comprehensive and constructive reviews which improved the manuscript; and Nelson Eby for efficient editorial handling. This research was supported by an Australia Research Council DECRA award (grant n. DE-150100009) to AG.