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Zebra textures in carbonate rocks: Fractures produced by the force of crystallization during mineral replacement

Malcolm W Wallace, Ashleigh van S Hood



Zebra textures are enigmatic banded fabrics that occur in many carbonate-hosted ore deposits, dolomite hydrocarbon reservoirs and carbonate successions globally. They consist of a variety of minerals and are characterised by parallel light and dark bands that occur at a millimetre- to centimetre-scale. Based on petrological evidence, there is general consensus that the dark bands formed by replacement of the carbonate host rock. Historically, more contention surrounds the origin of the light bands, but the dominant view is that these are mineral-filled cavities, which is supported by overwhelming textural evidence. Overall, the feature common to all versions of zebra textures is mineral repl..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was partially funded from Australian Research Council Discovery Grant DP130102240. AvSH acknowledges funding from a NASA Astrobiology Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship and a University of Melbourne Puzey Fellowship. We thank Elizabeth Turner, whose comments substantially improved an earlier version of the manuscript. We also thank Hilary Corlett and Jeff Lonnee for their helpful reviews and Brian Jones for his editorial handling, all of which improved the manuscript.