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Idiopathic infertility in women is associated with distinct changes in proliferative phase uterine fluid proteins

Harriet C Fitzgerald, Jemma Evans, Nicholas Johnson, Giuseppe Infusini, Andrew Webb, Luk JR Rombauts, Beverley J Vollenhoven, Lois A Salamonsen, Tracey A Edgell

Biology of Reproduction | OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC | Published : 2018


The regenerative, proliferative phase of a woman's menstrual cycle is a critical period which lays the foundation for the subsequent, receptive secretory phase. Although endometrial glands and their secretions are essential for embryo implantation and survival, the proliferative phase, when these glands form, has been rarely examined. We hypothesized that alterations in the secreted proteome of the endometrium of idiopathic infertile women would reflect a disturbance in proliferative phase endometrial regeneration. Our aim was to compare the proteomic profile of proliferative phase uterine fluid from fertile (n = 9) and idiopathic infertile (n = 10) women. Proteins with ≥2-fold change (P < 0..

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