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Down the rabbit hole: Lessons learned curating, presenting and submitting a digital research portfolio as PhD thesis

K Coleman

eLearning Services, Queensland University of Technology | Published : 2017


My digital thesis as A/R/T (artist-researcher-teacher) Portfolio is a curated space where I mapped, explored and archived my four-year PhD journey. My thesis (Coleman, 2017) tells the story of an a/r/tographer (Irwin, 2004), gazing as critical auto-ethnographer (Holman Jones, 2016) to create, make and rhizomatically write, be and do research, through the curation of artefacts in a digital portfolio. I utilised “an autobiographical genre of writing and research that displays multiple layers of consciousness, connecting the personal to the cultural” (Ellis & Bochner, 2000, p.739) to gaze inwardly first, then outwardly to art education and digital pedagogies to map creativity and identity of ar..

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