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The crystal structure of pneumococcal surface antigen PsaA reveals a metal-binding site and a novel structure for a putative ABC-type binding protein.

MC Lawrence, PA Pilling, VC Epa, AM Berry, AD Ogunniyi, JC Paton

Structure | Published : 1998


BACKGROUND: . The surface protein PsaA of the pathogenic bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae plays an essential role in its virulence. PsaA is a putative ATP-binding cassette-type (ABC-type) binding protein involved in the uptake of Mn2+ and possibly Zn2+ and is considered to be both a potential drug target and and a candidate vaccine component. RESULTS: . The structure of PsaA has been determined to 2.0 A resolution using X-ray crystallography and is the first structure obtained for an ABC-type binding protein from a Gram-positive organism. The protein consists of two (beta/alpha)4 domains linked together by a single helix. A metal-binding site is formed in the domain interface by the sidech..

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