Original Creative Work - Design/Architectural Work

Genius by Amelia Ducker, St Martins Youth Theatre, Installation Design by Anna Cordingley, Directed by Amelia Ducker

A Cordingley, A Ducker, L Mibus

Published : 2017


Research Background Field, Context, Research Aim Genius is a live art event that champions the incredible knowledge, originality and unique social contribution made by six neurodiverse young Australians. Brought together by St Martins Youth Arts Centre and Artist Amelia Ducker, this work invites an audience to share in the interests and experiences of these extraordinary young people with equally extraordinary interests and talents. It is a work which experiments with form and expectation with an aim to forge new connections, understandings and appreciation between ages, backgrounds and abilities. Research Contribution Innovation, New Knowledge Cordingley's design for Genius with..

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