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Probabilistic modelling of Hertzian fracture of glass by flying objects impact in bad weather

M Pathirana, N Lam, S Perera, L Zhang, D Ruan, E Gad

International Journal of Impact Engineering | Elsevier | Published : 2018


Impact of hailstone and flying debris in extreme weather conditions is a major contributor to damage to glazing panels and other types of building facades. Localized damage to the glazing panel in the form of Hertzian fracture is controlled mainly by the amount of force that is developed at the point of contact. Weibull statistics forms the foundation of contemporary probabilistic models designed to estimate the value of the limiting force to result in Hertzian fracture. This conventional approach to probabilistic modelling has significant shortcomings as the calibrated probabilistic parameters have to be specific to the type of installations. The alternative approach of predicting risks of ..

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