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Genomic, Pathway Network, and Immunologic Features Distinguishing Squamous Carcinomas

Joshua D Campbell, Christina Yau, Reanne Bowlby, Yuexin Liu, Kevin Brennan, Huihui Fan, Alison M Taylor, Chen Wang, Vonn Walter, Rehan Akbani, Lauren Averett Byers, Chad J Creighton, Cristian Coarfa, Juliann Shih, Andrew D Cherniack, Olivier Gevaert, Marcos Prunello, Hui Shen, Pavana Anur, Jianhong Chen Show all

Cell Reports | CELL PRESS | Published : 2018


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Funding Acknowledgements

We are grateful to the patients who contributed to this study, and the support of the TCGA Steering Committee and Project Team, especially Samantha Caesar-Johnson and Ina Felau. This work was supported by the following grants from the NIH: U54 HG003273, U54 HG003067, U54 HG003079, U24 CA143799, U24 CA143835, U24 CA143840, U24 CA143843, U24 CA143845, U24 CA143848, U24 CA143858, U24 CA143866, U24 CA143867, U24 CA143882, U24 CA143883, U24 CA144025, and P30 CA016672, and NIDCD intramural project ZIA-DC-000074.