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Non-monophyly of Bostrychia simpliciuscula (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta): Multiple species with very similar morphologies, a revised taxonomy of cryptic species

Giuseppe C Zuccarello, John A West, Mitsunobu Kamiya



The discovery of a plethora of cryptic species in many algal groups has led to speculation as to the causes of this observation and has affected taxonomy, with reluctance to give names to species that look identical. While this is defensible for monophyletic cryptic species complexes, both our understanding of similar morphologies (crypsis) and nomenclature is challenged when we encounter non-monophyletic ‘cryptic’ species. Bostrychia simpliciuscula is a wide-ranging species in which multiple cryptic species are known. Our increased sampling shows that this species consists of four lineages that do not form a clade, but lineages are sister to species with different morphologies. Careful morp..

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