Thesis / Dissertation

You light up my life: A phenomenological study of interpersonal relationships between music therapists and adults with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities

J Lee, undefined Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (ed.)

Published : 2014


This research is an investigation of the lived experiences of music therapists who have established meaningful interpersonal relationships with adult clients with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (PIMD). Although music therapists in clinical practice observe the benefits of music therapy for this group of clients, there has only been four research studies conducted since 1990 (Agrotou, 1998; Lee & McFerran, 2012; Oldfield & Adams, 1995; Wigram, 1997). This presents a need to conduct an empirical research study that examines and understands the non-verbal interactions and meaningful interpersonal relationships between music therapists and their adult clients who have PIMD. T..

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