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Rubella virus replication complexes are virus-modified lysosomes

D Magliano, JA Marshall, DS Bowden, N Vardaxis, J Meanger, J Lee

Virology | Elsevier | Published : 1998


Replication complexes are membrane-bound cytoplasmic vacuoles involved in rubella virus (RV) replication. These structures can be identified by their characteristic morphology at the electron microscopy (EM) level and by their association with double-stranded (ds) RNA in immunogold labeling EM studies. Although these virus-induced structures bear some resemblance to lysosomes, their exact nature and origin are unknown. In this study, the localization of two lysosomal markers, lysosomal-associated membrane protein (Lamp-1) and acid phosphatase, relative to the replication complexes was examined by light and electron microscopy. Confocal microscopy using antibodies to dsRNA and Lamp-1 showed c..

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