Book Chapter

Co-designing new solutions to support young people's mental health and wellbeing

M Blanchard, N Fava

Future Directions in Well-Being: Education, Organizations and Policy | Springer | Published : 2017


Working in partnership with young people to co-design new solutions to improve their well-being is fundamental to emerging practice in youth mental health. In Australia, one in four young people experience a mental illness, and most young people do not seek professional assistance (Burgess PM et al, Aust N Z J Psychiatry 43(7):615-623, 2009; Slade J et al, The mental health of Australians 2: Report on the 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Well-being. Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra, 2009). To ensure that young people receive quality care, organizations must partner with young people to design and develop relevant services (Burns J, Birrell E, Psychol Res Behav Manage 7:303-..

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