Journal article

Downstream grain-size changes associated with a transition from single channel to anabranching

Sara Moron, Kathryn J Amos

Sedimentology | WILEY | Published : 2018

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This research project was developed following research funded by the consortium members of the Lake Eyre Basin Analogues Research Group, Australian School of Petroleum. SM was supported by a University of Adelaide International Postgraduate Research Scholarship and by an Australian Research Council's ITRH project IH130200012. The authors thank the traditional owners, the Arabanna People, along with S. Kidman & Co. Ltd. (Peake Station) for permitting access to the field area. Particular thanks to the Keogh family (station managers) for their helpfulness and discussions about accessibility of sites. We thank Dr D. A. Edmonds (Indiana University) for critical discussions about the numerical simulation and comments on previous versions of the manuscript. The authors thank Dr. S. Tierney, A. Aaron and S. Mann for their help in the field and in the laboratory; and Dr. D. Kennedy (University of Melbourne) for his help with the laser particle analyser. SM thanks the Science IT team for providing support for performing some of the simulations in the high-performance computing facilities at the University of Melbourne. Prof. G. Nanson; Prof. M. Gibling; Prof. C. Fielding; Prof. G. Nichols; Dr. N. Mountney and two anonymous reviewers are thanked for their thoughtful comments on previous versions of this manuscript. This paper forms publication number 386 of the Centre for Tectonics, Resources and Exploration (TRaX), University of Adelaide.