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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: accuracy of patient self-report of screening for diabetes, high cholesterol and cervical cancer

Jessica Stewart, Rob Sanson-Fisher, Sandra Eades

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health | WILEY | Published : 2016


OBJECTIVE: To determine the accuracy and clinical utility of patient self-reported screening history. METHODS: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients (≥18 years; n=587) were interviewed on their screening history according to recommended time intervals; these were matched to pathology data. RESULTS: The proportion of patients meeting screening guidelines were 32% (95%CI 26%-39%) for diabetes, 43% (95%CI 38%-47%) for cholesterol and 4.1% (95%CI 2.2%-7.3%) for cervical cancer. When patients reported having had the test, their accuracy (PPV) was low: 38% (95%CI 30%-46%) for diabetes, 47% (95%CI 42%-52%) for cholesterol, 6.5% (95%CI 3.0%-12%) for cervical cancer. However, for the minorit..

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