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Trajectories of maternal depressive symptoms during pregnancy and the first 12 months postpartum and child externalizing and internalizing behavior at three years

Dawn Kingston, Heather Kehler, Marie-Paule Austin, Muhammad Kashif Mughal, Abdul Wajid, Lydia Vermeyden, Karen Benzies, Stephanie Brown, Scott Stuart, Rebecca Giallo



BACKGROUND: Most evidence of the association between maternal depression and children's development is limited by being cross-sectional. To date, few studies have modelled trajectories of maternal depressive symptoms from pregnancy through the early postpartum years and examined their association with social emotional and behavior functioning in preschool children. The objectives of this study were to: 1) identify distinct groups of women defined by their trajectories of depressive symptoms across four time points from mid-pregnancy to one year postpartum; and 2) examine the associations between these trajectories and child internalizing and externalizing behaviors. METHODS: We analyzed data..

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Funding Acknowledgements

[ "DK holds a CIHR New Investigator Award and the Lois Hole Hospital for Women Cross Provincial Chair in Perinatal Mental Health. RG is supported by NHMRC Career Development Fellowship and the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program. M-PA holds the St. John of God Chair in Perinatal and Women's Mental Health. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.", "The authors acknowledge the (non-financial) contribution and support of All Our Families participants and team. (All Our Families is funded through Alberta Innovates Interdisciplinary Team Grant #200700595, the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, and the Max Bell Foundation.)" ]