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Temporal patterns of association between the jellyfish Catostylus mosaicus and a sphaeromatid isopod and parasitic anemone

JG Browne, KA Pitt, MD Norman

Marine and Freshwater Research | Published : 2017


Jellyfish form associations with a diverse fauna including parasites and commensals, yet, ecological data on these associations, particularly time series, are rare. The present study examined temporal variation in the intensities and prevalences of two symbionts, namely, a sphaeromatid isopod (Cymodoce gaimardii) and a parasitic anemone (Anemonactis clavus) of the scyphozoan jellyfish Catostylus mosaicus over a 2-year period. Jellyfish were captured from Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia, approximately every 6 weeks and inspected for symbionts. The isopod occurred on C. mosaicus on 16 of the 19 sampling occasions; prevalences ranged from 5 to 85%, and were highest in summer and autumn. I..

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