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Bio-stimulant effects of Trichoderma spp. on rice (Oryza sativa L.): an initial evaluation using a strongly acidic clay loam soil

R Hem, A Pang

American-Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture | American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information (AENSI) | Published : 2017


Background: While the inoculation of soil with beneficial fungi Trichoderma spp. have been shown to benefit crops through biostimulant and bio-pesticide effects, comparatively few studies have been conducted to investigate its effects on the globally important crop: rice (Oryza sativa L.) grown in acidic clay soils characteristic of many rice-growing regions such as Cambodia, where very low pH is a major impediment to nutrient uptake. Also, previous studies using Trichoderma application have also been conducted on simplified, sterilized or artificial growth media. Objective: This study aimed to investigate (a) the possible bio-stimulant effects of Trichoderma for rice; grown in (b) realistic..

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