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Stability and active power sharing in droop controlled inverter interfaced microgrids: Effect of clock mismatches

Ramachandra Rao Kolluri, Iven Mareels, Tansu Alpcan, Marcus Brazil, Julian de Hoog, Doreen Anne Thomas



Stability and power sharing properties of droop controlled inverter-based microgrid systems depend on various design factors. Little explored is the effect of component mismatches and parameters drifts on the stability, steady state behaviour and power sharing properties of these systems. In this paper, the behaviour of frequency droop controlled inverter based microgrid systems in the presence of non-identical clocks is analysed. It is shown that power sharing between converters in a microgrid can be sensitive to clock mismatches. Our proposal shows that a coordination control that uses sparse inter-node communications is useful in ensuring desired active power sharing. Conditions are deriv..

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