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The Berlin Declaration: A call to action to improve early actions related to type 2 diabetes. How can specialist care help?

Antonio Ceriello, James R Gavin, Andrew JM Boulton, Rick Blickstead, Margaret McGill, Itamar Raz, Shaukat Sadikot, David A Wood, Xavier Cos, Kamlesh Khunti, Sanjay Kalra, Ashok Kumar Das, Cutberto Espinosa López, undefined Berlin Declaration Steering Group

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice | Published : 2018


Diabetes is a major global epidemic and places a huge burden on healthcare systems worldwide. The complications of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and related hospitalizations are major contributors to this burden, and there is strong evidence that the risk for these can be reduced by early action to identify and prevent progression of people at high risk of T2D and ensure tight glycemic control in those with established disease. In response to this, the Berlin Declaration was developed by four working groups of experts and ratified by healthcare professionals from 38 countries. Its aim is to act as a global call to action for early intervention in diabetes, in addition to providing short-, medium- an..

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