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Molecular Interactions of Peptide Encapsulated Calcium Phosphate Delivery Vehicle at Enamel Surfaces

NL Huq, KJ Cross, H Myroforidis, DP Stanton, YY Chen, BR Ward, EC Reynolds

Biomineralization: From Molecular and Nano-structural Analyses to Environmental Science | Springer | Published : 2018


Phosphorylated peptides derived from milk caseins, known as casein phosphopeptides (CPP) self-assemble and encapsulate the calcium and phosphate mineral in the form of amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) thus forming CPP-ACP nanocomplexes that are non-toxic and bio-compatible. The biomedical application is the repair of tooth surfaces (enamel) at early stages of tooth decay. These nanocomplexes release calcium and phosphate ions to rebuild demineralised HA crystals in enamel subsurface lesions. The topical application of CPP-ACP at the tooth surface initiates a series of interactions at the enamel mineral hydroxyapatite surface, and at the enamel salivary pellicle that are not well understood...

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