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Split Miner: Automated Discovery of Accurate and Simple Business Process Models from Event Logs

A Augusto, R Conforti, M Dumas, M La Rosa

Knowledge and Information Systems | Springer Verlag | Published : 2019


The problem of automated discovery of process models from event logs has been intensively researched in the past two decades. Despite a rich field of propos- als, state-of-the-art automated process discovery methods suffer from two recurrent deficiencies when applied to real-life logs: (i) they produce large and spaghetti-like models; and (ii) they produce models that either poorly fit the event log (low fitness) or over-generalize it (low precision). Striking a tradeoff between these quality di- mensions in a robust and scalable manner has proved elusive. This paper presents an automated process discovery method, namely Split Miner, which produces simple process models with low branching co..

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