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Speed-Constrained Tuning for Statistical Machine Translation Using Bayesian Optimization

Daniel Beck, Adrià de Gispert, Gonzalo Iglesias, Aurelien Waite, Bill Byrne

Proceedings of NAACL | ACL Anthology | Published : 2016


We address the problem of automatically finding the parameters of a statistical machine translation system that maximize BLEU scores while ensuring that decoding speed exceeds a minimum value. We propose the use of Bayesian Optimization to efficiently tune the speed-related decoding parameters by easily incorporating speed as a noisy constraint function. The obtained parameter values are guaranteed to satisfy the speed constraint with an associated confidence margin. Across three language pairs and two speed constraint values, we report overall optimization time reduction compared to grid and random search. We also show that Bayesian Optimization can decouple speed and BLEU measurements, res..

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