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Diversity of herbaceous plants and bacterial communities regulates soil resistome across forest biomes

Hang-Wei Hu, Jun-Tao Wang, Brajesh K Singh, Yu-Rong Liu, Yong-Liang Chen, Yu-Jing Zhang, Ji-Zheng He



Antibiotic resistance is ancient and prevalent in natural ecosystems and evolved long before the utilization of synthetic antibiotics started, but factors influencing the large-scale distribution patterns of natural antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) remain largely unknown. Here, a large-scale investigation over 4000 km was performed to profile soil ARGs, plant communities and bacterial communities from 300 quadrats across five forest biomes with minimal human impact. We detected diverse and abundant ARGs in forests, including over 160 genes conferring resistance to eight major categories of antibiotics. The diversity of ARGs was strongly and positively correlated with the diversity of bacte..

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