Journal article

Effectiveness of a new model of primary care management on knee pain and function in patients with knee osteoarthritis: Protocol for THE PARTNER STUDY

David J Hunter, Rana S Hinman, Jocelyn L Bowden, Thorlene Egerton, Andrew M Briggs, Stephen J Bunker, Jessica Kasza, Andrew B Forbes, Simon D French, Marie Pirotta, Deborah J Schofield, Nicholas A Zwar, Kim L Bennell



Awarded by Australian Government

Funding Acknowledgements

This study is funded by a 3-year NHMRC partnership grant (APP1115720) of the Australian Government. The NHMRC has had no role in the design or other components of the study except for funding. The study is co-funded by our Private Health Insurer partner organisations; Medibank Health Research Fund, nib Health Funds, and Bupa Australia who declare an interest in the outcome. We are receiving further in-kind support, resources and services from Arthritis Australia, Medibank Private, Good2Give, Monash University, PRIMA Health Solutions, Precedence Health Care and HealthChange Australia. The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence for Translational Research in Musculoskeletal Pain (APP1079078) will provide additional funding and in-kind support for the pilot and components of the study outside the scope of the NHMRC partnership grant.