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IPM-s Project Benchmarking Survey: A National Survey of Parasite Control Practices

JW Larsen, SW Walkden-Brown, I Reeve, L Thompson, LW Kahn, A Crampton, RG Woodgate, P James, CR de Fegely, SH Williams

Australian Sheep Veterinary Society | Published : 2006


The results of a national benchmarking survey of parasite control practices based on 2292 respondents to a mail survey are summarised and readers directed to the full report. The findings confirm the ongoing reliance on chemicals for control of worms, sheep blowfly and lice with moxidectin the dominant sheep anthelmintic and the insect growth regulator class dominating sheep lice treatments. Significant numbers of producers (44%) report using faecal worm eggs counts as an aid to worm control and 48% claim to have tested for anthelmintic resistance although only 16% used a recognised method. Use of non-chemical worm control measures was moderately widespread with 38% of producers using rotat..

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