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Can next-generation soil data products improve soil moisture modelling at the continental scale? An assessment using a new microclimate package for the R programming environment

Michael R Kearney, James L Maino



Accurate models of soil moisture are vital for solving core problems in meteorology, hydrology, agriculture and ecology. The capacity for soil moisture modelling is growing rapidly with the development of high-resolution, continent-scale gridded weather and soil data together with advances in modelling methods. In particular, the initiative represents next-generation, depth-specific gridded soil products that may substantially increase soil moisture modelling capacity. Here we present an implementation of Campbell's infiltration and redistribution model within the NicheMapR microclimate modelling package for the R environment, and use it to assess the predictive power provi..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Australian Research Council (ARC) Fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

Michael Kearney was supported by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Fellowship (DP110102813) and James Maino was supported by a David Hay Award. Computational support was provided by Melbourne Bioinformatics. We thank Gaylon Campbell, Jeff Walker, Dongreol Ryu and Rodger Young for discussion and advice, and four anonymous JoH reviewers and the JoH editorial team for comments that substantially improved the manuscript. We acknowledge the CSIRO funded CosmOz network ( for provision and processing of data.