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Introduction to the theme ‘Masculinity and violence in Spain and Latin America’

J Browitt, S King, A Martínez-Expósito

Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research | Published : 2006


The first five articles in this edition of JILAS address the theme of masculinity and violence in Spain and Latin America. Despite—or perhaps because of—the proliferation of tropes of posturing machos, Latin lovers, vain, prancing toreros and enraged, jealous husbands, which are often peddled in the media and popular culture, the question of masculinity in Spanish and Latin American societies has been largely ignored in critical studies. In fact, the study of gender in these societies is usually limited to women and, to a lesser extent, gay men. The intention of this collection is to move beyond the stereotypes of masculine behaviour and discourse in these societies and to lay bare the intri..

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