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Effects of Engine Speed on Spray Behaviors of the Engine Combustion Network "spray G" Gasoline Injector

L Gutierrez, AB Mansfield, M Fatouraie, D Assanis, R Singh, J Lacey, M Brear, M Wooldridge

SAE Technical Paper | SAE | Published : 2018


Non-reacting spray behaviors of the Engine Combustion Network "Spray G" gasoline fuel injector were investigated at flash and non-flash boiling conditions in an optically accessible single cylinder engine and a constant volume spray chamber. High-speed Mie-scattering imaging was used to determine transient liquid-phase spray penetration distances and observe general spray behaviors. The standardized "G2" and "G3" test conditions recommended by the Engine Combustion Network were matched in this work and the fuel was pure iso-octane. Results from the constant volume chamber represented the zero (stationary piston) engine speed condition and single cylinder engine speeds ranged from 300 to 2,00..

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