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Intestinal transport of monosaccharide after biliary diversion in the rat.

V Burke, A Malajczuk, M Gracey, TP Speed, ML Thornett

Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science | Published : 1978


Sugar absorption is increased in rats with a bile fistula but approaches normal values with the addition of bile salt. It has therefore been suggested that bile salts have a physiological role in decreasing intestinal absorption of monosaccharides. In experiments using rats, jejunal and ileal uptake of arbutin, a glucose analogue was increased 5 days after creating a bile fistula but normal by the 10th day after operation. Bile fistula rats ate only about one third of the intake of normal rats in the first 5 days after operation. Control animals fed the same amount as the bile fistula group showed a similar increase in jejunal and ileal arbutin uptake. In both groups, on the 5th post-operati..

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